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Technical Infrastructure

At Incipio Web Services (IWS) our number one priority is making sure our customers are happy and that they are getting the service they expect. One of the ways we keep them happy is by making sure that the services they purchase are delivered using proven technology.

IWS is powered by the Incipio BizServer web hosting platform. Specifically designed to be scalable, secure, and robust, yet flexible enough to meet the rapidly changing demands of the Internet industry, the BizServer platform is comprised of proven technologies that you can depend on to keep your web site running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. IWS owns the computers and networks that comprise the BizServer platform which means we have the control and flexibility necessary to deliver what you need. The alternative would be to resell someone else's services, but we believe this reduces our control and prevents us from meeting the needs of our clients and providing appropriate answers in the event that there is a problem with your service.

Our network features routers from Cisco, redundant Internet connections and backup power in a secure, climate controlled environment. The geographic location of our primary data center has a low probability of natural disaster such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods and in most cases there are redundant sites in other parts of the country to serve as backup should a disaster occur at our primary data center.

Regardless of what technical capabilities we may have, the real gauge of ability is what our customers think. Be sure to review our customer testimonials to read what they think of our services.

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